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GEMINI SUN : Learned, astronomer, scholarly, grammarian, polite, wealthy, critical, assimilative, good conversationalist, shy, reserved, lacking in originality.

Talkative, communicative, sociable; loves to interact with others (at least on a superficial level); unemotional, impersonal, ruled by “rationality”; requires great mental stimulation, curious to a fault; playful, the Trickster, the Devil’s Advocate; changable, inconstant, attention easily drifts to something new, seeks novelty.

General behavior: Gemini (the twins) is a very complex and confusing sign. To some people you can seem like a wonderful friend, while to others you will seem two-faced and sneaky. You will act like a child for most of your life. That includes both the good and bad characteristics of children. You are happy and energetic when things go right for you. However, when things go wrong, you can be passive-aggressive and very mean. You find decisions hard to make, since you can never stay with the one that you originally choose. You tend to fight loosing battles for something that you call a “moral” cause (even though you know it isn’t). One quality (you decide whether it’s good or bad) you have is the ability to lie and appear that you are telling the complete truth. You prefer to use someone else’s solution to a problem than thinking of your own. Many of Gemini’s poorer traits are due to your lack of self-esteem. It is very tough to get your attention. You will be thinking about many things at a time and you can’t concentrate on any particular thing at one time. You may be praising somebody but at the same time you will be thinking against him(her). But the most intelligent people on the earth are Geminians.

Physical Fetaures: Many believe that physically, individuals born with an ascendant of Gemini tend to have a straight and narrow nose, long limbs, a well-proportioned chin, high cheekbones, pointy features, a wide mouth and long fingers. They are very lean and tend to be somewhat tall and lanky. Gemini eyes are like two beams of light which express a rather electrical quality as they dart from one object to another.

The styles are different, but both are Gemini. Every Gemini has “twin” facial features which throws their face “off kilter”. There seems to be two lower and upper lips, and a double layer of eyelids! The extra folds above the eyelids produces “two blinks”, instead of one. Note how the long, thin nose and the pointed chin skew off in opposite directions.

Celebrity Gemini:
Michael J. Fox
Nicole Kidman
Paul McCartney
Tim Allen
Cindy Lauper
Clint Eastwood

Most compatible zodiac signs with Gemini are Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius.

Least compatible zodiac signs with Gemini are Virgo, Pisces.

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