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Moon Sign

How to Know Your Moon Sign

There are many intricate ways to learn more about astrology and our horoscopes that include various different signs and parts of our astrological makeup. There are also different types like Western and Eastern astrology that makes this learning curve a very interesting journey. With Western astrology you learn more about your sun sign. There are however more in depth studies that include the location of the moon and other planets in the sky. These are things that really have an impact on your emotions and your mindset on a daily basis. There are various qualities and strengths attached with each sign that is aligned with the moon.  Click here to read more about the history of astrology.

It is said that your sun sign represents what people see when they first meet you which is a first impression. This will be the real you with people and your moon sign represents you on your own. There are many ways that can help you when wondering how to know your moon sign that include various helpful online calculators. The internet has truly opened doors for us and made it possible for us to get access to information that we would have previously not been able to understand and find. There are even many astrology experts that can provide you with a detailed and informative chart that will give you all the information you need about your different signs. They offer their services online which makes it so much easier than visiting the gypsy in the caravan at your local fair.

It is said that your moon sign directly influences how strong your sun sign is expressed on a daily bases. You might be a temperamental Leo but your moon sign might be a mellow and relaxed Taurus. It is all linked and has a great impact on your daily thinking and who you are as a person. Your moon sign directly impacts relationships as there is such a thing as moon sign compatibility. If you are truly kindred spirits your moon signs will be compatible as much as your sun signs. Take a look here at statistics of how many people believe in astrology. Here is a bit of an overview of different moons signs and what they represent for each individual that falls in that category.

Different moon signs

Aries Moon

People under this sign needs to constantly be stimulated and challenged. There is always a need to be first with most everything they take on in life. It is said that with this moon sign you will constantly be demanding attention.

Taurus Moon

In direct contrast with the sun sign of Taurus this is someone that needs the luxuries and comforts in life in the form of material possessions and beauty. Affection and lasting things in life means a lot to these folks and there should always be a good outcome from any emotional investment.

Gemini Moon

Communication is incredibly important to someone that is under this sign as constant innovation and new ideas are important. These individuals really lean towards kindred spirits and enjoy surrounding themselves with people that are agreeable and of the same mindset.

Cancer Moon

Like Taurus these people are constantly in need of nurturing and love. Great security and safety needs to constantly be reassured and confirmed because abandonment is their worst fear.

Leo Moon

Glamour, affection and wonderful entertainment come to mind for these individuals as they enjoy a life filled with games and a playful attitude. They are constantly craving excitement and a new challenge. They are natural leaders and like to take charge in most situations.

Virgo Moon

Order and organization is incredibly important to people that are associated with this moon sign as life should include mental stimulation and problem solving. A weak point is that these people can sometimes worry too much and be anxious about things.

Libra Moon

These are people that lead a harmonious life that comes with beauty and being an equal. They don’t like conflict and constantly crave a peaceful and pleasing environment. They also have a great love for art and justice which is of course determined by the scales.

Scorpio Moon

This is someone that is constantly searching for privacy and intense situations in life. They are very sexual by nature and enjoy forming strong bonds with those close to them.

Sagittarius Moon

This sign represents those that are constantly looking for adventure and fun in life. They will also be seeking for wisdom and are very attracted to open-minded individuals. They enjoy new experiences and love to travel and learn about new cultures. They do tend to get bored easily.

Capricorn Moon

Long term impact in life is what these people strive for. They want to create a legacy and make an impact on future generations. They don’t like to be surrounded by people and generally crave being alone and deep in thought. They are perfectly matched with someone that has boundaries and ambition. They also tend to be distant.

Aquarius Moon

Exactly the opposite of the Capricorn this sign includes people that in need of great friendships and that likes a meeting of minds. They have a tendency to be rebellious and want to be individual at all times in other words they don’t want to be part of the general and the norm. At times they do tend to please people.

Pisces Moon

Last but certainly not least we have those under the Pisces moon sign. These people are dreamers that crave fantasy and compassion. They will constantly be looking for escape in life that can include a good book or other creative outlets. It is a dreamy moon sign that is hard to discover and understand. It is said that those under the Pisces moon sign are great healers and are always drawn to artistic and sensual individuals. They are also constantly in spiritual pursuit and want to learn more about these kinds of matters in life.

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