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Mayan Astrology Compatibility

The Mayans were a population that existed in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala from around 2000 BC to 1700 AD, when they were all but exterminated by Spanish conquesters. They are thought to have been highly advanced for their time as they had a fully developed writing system (similar to the Egyptian hieroglyphics). Historians believe that Mayans from all walks of life were likely able to both read and write, which for the time period is an incredible accomplishment. They were also very advanced in terms of their architecture and their society.

In terms of many aspects of their livelihood, the mayans excelled and the sciences were no different. The Mayans invented their own calendar (you may remember the end of the world was predicted by the Mayan calendar in 2012) and were fascinated by space and the realm outside the atmosphere. The Mayans were fierce believers that events in the solar system were acts of divination, and would often make sacrifices, including human ones during especially unusual events, such as eclipses, in order to soothe their gods. The Mayan Calendar is may up of 206 days.

Mayan Astrology signs are made up of a combination of 1 of 20 day signs and 1 of 13 numbers.

The Day Signs

Crocodile: A person of the crocodile day sign is usually extremely high energy. Creative bright and clever, crocodiles can also be insistent on their ideas to the point of becoming aggressive and can be selfish. Crocodiles are born leaders and family is extremely cherished to them.

Wind: The wind sign is known to be self-aware and a great communicator. They can also be indecisive and bore easily.

House: The Mayan house sign is the modern embodiment of slow and steady wins the race. They are patient beyond words and also make a loyal friend and faithful partner. They can however be old fashioned and inflexible, adverse to change.

Lizard: The lizard is dynamic and full of energy. They love to be the center of attention and entertain a crowd. They can however be aggressive in seeking attention and argumentative.

Serpent: Although the serpent loses his temper at a whim, he is a compassionate and thoughtful friend. People are drawn to the serpent for his charismatic nature, but can be driven away by his short temper.

Death: Death makes a great business person. They are practical and can be cold hearted when in comes to their ventures. They are also calm and make naturally good middle men or mediators. However death’s feeling are easily hurt and he can be drained by harsh people.

Deer: The caring deer tends to be ahead of his time and is not afraid to be a trail blazer. He can be deeply hurt by broken promises and undependable people.

Rabbit: The rabbit is playful and intelligent.  The rabbit loves to be admired and can be competitive and full of himself.

Water: The water sign is a great leader and very emotionally intuitive. Principled and full of imagination, the water sign can also be obsessive and emotional.

Dog: The dog is the most loyal and trustworthy day sign. They are brave and dependable leaders and great family men. However, they are prone to want to believe the best in people and be anxious.

Monkey: The monkey is hilarious and smart and a fantastic conversationalist. The monkey can however be indecisive and have trouble focusing. The monkey can also be superficial, placing unwarranted importance on looks and money.

Grass: Grass is shy and can be withdrawn. They are tough cookies however as well as adjusting well to change and take other people’s feelings into account.

Reed: The reed can be single minded when he sets a goal for himself. He is supportive and is a problem solver. He can however be bossy.

Jaguar: The jaguar tends to be a spiritual individual. He is very clever indeed. He can however be secretive, competitive and manipulative.

Eagle: The eagle is a detail oriented perfectionist. Extremely independent, he can seem stand offish as well as stubborn.

Vulture: The vulture is challenging and pushes people to reach their personal bests. He can however be cynical and come off as jaded.

Earth: Earth is thoughtful, philosophical and practical. They are also great moderators, although they may come off as condescending.

Knife: The knife is an intelligent and extremely logical sign. He can be shy and gets overly involved in his work; he can be a workaholic.

Storm: The storm is nurturing and kind. However this sign can be delicate and prone to having their feelings hurt and can also be restless.

Flower: The flower is very artistic and creative. They may also be a wanderer.  This idealist may have unrealistic expectation and is easily disappointed.

There is a number of credible of determining compatibility among day signs used and proven over the years. Each of the methods discussed below tells us the same thing in different approach making distinct from each other.

Method 1: Use of Ancient Codices

By simply having a look at some ancient Codices, you can observe four groupings of 5-day signs each located in each of the four cardinal directions. Any sign in your group represents someone who is compatible with you if you are a Mayan. Day signs found on the opposite sides are often considered as harmonious.

The two directions on the right angel from you could mean that you are not aligned and could experience more than everyday challenges in your relationship if you have one. However, if you are committed partners, it guides you to getting to the bottom of the page and finding combined energy for your couple. This particular day sign will often give you something new to work with and inform you the best approach to dealing with conflicts. Having a closer look at the highest expression of the combined energy deepens your understanding and ease of accepting each other.

Method 2

Another way of determining the compatibility is having a look at the color of each sign on the vertical and horizontal axis on the cross. Parallel crosses tend to have the following color combinations: yellow/white, white/yellow, blue/red or blue/red. For this sign, there are no other color combinations such as yellow/red or blue/white.

The color sides are often considered as a pointer to compatibility. For instance, if you are a red/blue combination, it implies that people with vertical/horizontal axis have similar make-ups as you will resonate with yourself. However, even those people direct opposite to you, with the blue/red scheme, are compatible with you. Compatible persons in most cases have the same energetic signature and are members of your inner circle.

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