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October Zodiac Signs Featured Image

October Zodiac Signs

Depending on the position of the sun, the moon, and the planets, the monthly horoscope for October is a time that comes with different surprises for you star sign. If you are interested in your astrological sign and your future, here are the October zodiac signs you must pay attention to:

Aries monthly zodiac signs for the month of October

The bad news according to the Aries horoscope is that enterprise and independence may not work very well for you this month. However, you will witness an incredible growth in your profession. Similarly, your financial prospects will be positive. If you are still single, the planet Jupiter will help you find love and points towards married. Astrology works in mysterious ways and you need to pay more attention to your health in this month.

Taurus monthly zodiac signs for the month of October

Anyone who is a Taurus should expect your spiritual beliefs to change in the month of October. The two planets, Jupiter and Neptune, will favor your career. While your finances will be good, your love life and romance may become complicated. You need to ensure that any pregnancy is planned.

Gemini monthly Zodiac signs for the month of October

In October 2017, the planet Mercury will make most Gemini become more spiritual, hence you should expect a good job if you are still unemployed. On the love life aspect, the solar eclipse occurring in the month will affect your love life adversely. You will have an erratic financial journey courtesy of the moon, while your health will be very good.

Cancer monthly zodiac signs for the month of October

The month of October may be a difficult one. The Lunar eclipse, for instance, may force you to undergo some personality transformation and that means you may also get a new job. Your finances and relationships may become stressful while your health may be compromised. It is not all bad news, your professional career will be on the upward swing and your social network will definitely expand.

Leo monthly zodiac signs for the month of October

The planet Mars will create a hectic professional life for you in the month of October, while there will be a major shift in your spiritual beliefs. You should expect to spend some money on charities. If you are single, you should be prepared to form new relationships. While your health may constitute stress, you will eventually get it under check.

Virgo monthly zodiac signs for the month of October

The planet Jupiter will help Virgos increase their wealth of knowledge when they pick up new studies or indulge in travel. Long and short-term career targets will be successfully completed in the month of October. The eclipses occurring around this time may force you to make changes to your financial plans, while your love life may not be serious but will be more pleasurable. You should not expect any serious complaints about your health.

Libra monthly zodiac signs for the month of October

There will be a positive impact from the planet Venus on your career in the month of October; however, your professional growth will largely depend on how persistent you become. Your wealth will be greatly enhanced by the planet Jupiter. The lunar eclipse occurring in this period may trigger divorces and breakups, while your health will be greatly improved when you relax more.

Scorpio monthly zodiac signs for the month of October

Most Scorpios will try to re-define themselves by seeking new spiritual paths. Scorpios have the freedom to do everything you want, while the planet of Jupiter will help you get a more prospective job. Be careful because you may spend more on purchasing luxurious items in the month, while the planets will help you become more charming and lovable. The management of your health will require some radical changes.

Sagittarius monthly zodiac signs for the month of October

Your friendship will definitely be on the radar in the month of October, but only the strong friendships will survive. Your finances will become very erratic and tough, while love and relationships may become highly confusing. The only positive thing that may be going well for anyone who is Sagittarius this month is your health, which will be great.

Capricorn monthly zodiac signs for the month of October

As a Capricorn, you need to avoid risks as much as possible in the month of October. The planet Jupiter will help your career ambition. Likewise, Jupiter will greatly help your finances. You need to watch out because the planet Uranus may slow down your prosperity. You should consider your love life and romance as more entertaining in the month. Most of the risks you will need to avoid include the financial decisions and the ones in your social circles.

Aquarius monthly zodiac signs for the month of October

As an Aquarius, you should expect your career goals to dominate your domestic affairs in the days of October. The planet Uranus is expected to change your spiritual beliefs, while the planet Jupiter will definitely make you grow exceptionally in your profession this year. Managing your finances may be more complicated that you expected in the new month, expect your family circles to undergo some tremendous changes. Your sex life will be fantastic!

Pisces monthly zodiac signs for the month of October

The strange events that will occur in the month of October will simply overwhelm you. However, you should be optimistic and happy because such events will end up positive. Expect your career to be subjected to some important changes in the month. You will enjoy great finances but you need to put more effort in sustaining such positivity. In order to maintain good social relationships, you need to be more diplomatic. Your health can be greatly improved especially through natural remedies.

Things may look turbulent in the first days of the month, but if you keep your focus, you will overcome everything put in front of you this year. The influences of planetary forces as well as the significant transformations occurring within your family, career, and other people around you will make things complicated in the month. The movement of planetary forces may slow down the destiny of Pisces zodiac. However, the same planets will eventually favor them in the end.

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