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Sagittarius Love Match

Sagittarians are some of the most generous, lovers of fun, and are place immense value on their sense of freedom and independence. Besides, they are considered proverbial bachelorettes and bachelors of the great zodiac community. You will find Sagittarians to be extroverts and supremely confident in their way of life. In addition, they have a friendly approach to life making Sagittarians irresistible. Hence, they are considered signs of carefree, happy and dancing souls, hardly will you find them sad over little matters in life.

They are irresistible Matches

The Sagittarius community will often connect and love individuals with a range of characters, which sorting all the option would be a tasking venture. Their free spirits and carefree way of life attract them to persons of all walks of life with no exceptions. In spite of this, the Libra is their number one perfect match.


A combination of the Sagittarius and Libra is some of the most optimistic combinations of the Zodiacs you will ever come across. They are social, outgoing, charismatic, energetic, and exhibit relish friendship among other noble characters. Libra’s are easy going and are lovers of romance, which is like a soft breeze blowing through their life. Besides, sexual life between Libra’s and Sagittarius is adventurous and never dull.

Additionally, one of the best aspects of their relationship is in their quest for intellectual stimulation of different people and places. However, their biggest challenge in life is their ability to honor a commitment. Sagittarius has a deep-seated fear of being tied down by anything. Also, the temperaments of the Libra’s and Sagittarius are not ideal for a family. As a result, it takes a long time for the friendship and fun life of the two people to blossom into love and commitment. However, when it finally does, you can bet the resulting relationship will be happy and incredibly adventures in all aspects.


You will be quick to observe that Sagittarius and Aries are both signs of fire, where a fire, in this case, is considered as their passion. The chemistry between the two is often fabulous, and it would be okay to conclude their life together would not be a boring one. The two are lovers of adventure and excitement often interested in similar things and fascinated by with each other.

As a couple, you will find they are either dependent or clingy on one another. Hence, both have the personal freedom they want in life. It is also expected when two fire signs hook up; heated arguments are something common in their relationship. However, fights between Aries and Sagittarius die quickly and soon forgotten. None of the two is easily offended as they both can forgive and forget quickly.

One big challenge with the couple is unless one is willing to sacrifice some of their independence, personal freedom, and self-centered goals for their togetherness, it is hard for them to commit as a couple.


Gemini’s are third matches of the Sagittarius, and when the two come together, the relationship often presents possibilities. Sagittarius and Gemini personalities are opposite ends of the same axis and have a lot in common. While Sagittarius craves for understanding, Gemini has desire for knowledge. The two are light-hearted like to travel and get along with their friends and neither seeks to control the other.

Although there are some differences in the way the two will communicate and their general view of the world, the differences are more complementing than challenging. When the differences are given a certain time frame, they balance out. However, one danger in the relationship between a Sagittarius and a Gemini is that it may lack substance, and that could make it end quickly.


A friendship between Sagittarius and Aquarius is one of the natural bonds you will ever encounter; hardly will you ever experience a dull moment between the two souls. The two have a liking for socializing, sporting activities, entertainment, and always ready to break few life rules to it more enjoyable. They have an outgoing demeanor, intelligent, fair-minded, and open to unconventional lifestyle.

Aquarius and Sagittarius love their independence, share comparable thoughts about love and life in general. As indicated above the two have a lot in common, and a long-term relationship between the two can be trickier to sustain. The no string-attached approach to romance is always an ingredient for doom to any relationship in the long run. Since both lack attached intimacy in pursuit of self-dependence, a relationship between the two is not likely to last long.


A Leo personality is likely to catch the eye of a Sagittarius, which is likely to be more playful and enthusiastic.  The two are optimistic, carefree, generous and enthusiastic in nature, and party dies hard wanting to live life to the fullest.

However, as life is not all about the fun aspect, such couple could be playing with fire. Their greatest setback is both can become very impatient and have bad tempers. Additionally, Leo’s can be jealous and controlling, when they are not the center of attention. With the Sagittarius way of life that is playful and attracted to persons of the opposite sex, herein lies could be the major issues in a relationship between the two.

Whenever in a relationship, Leo’s have a strong sense of belonging, while Sagittarius cannot handle being tied down. Such emotional disconnects are likely to affect the relationship leading to an early ending negatively.


Capricorns are persons who are known for their ability to live by the rules, while Sagittarius are known for enjoying life and breaking the rules. Sagittarius are lovers of fun while Capricorn’s are focused on getting their priorities achieved. However, in some cases, there is a surprising match between the two opposites. Although the two have different outlooks on life, they are full of life and committed to doing well, optimistic about the future and eager to learn. Besides, each has a way of complementing each other in life thus creating a balance.

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