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What Is A Taurus Woman’s Physical Appearance Usually

The second Zodiac sign is the Taurus, which is often symbolized as a wild bull. Taureans are considered passionate, reliable, loyal, and intense both physically and emotionally. Taurus is born between April 21 and May 21. The sun is the Taurus star sign. Taurus women are often neat recognized as reliable, artistic, gentle, attentive, calm and very patient in nature. However, Taurus women can be sensual at times and introverts. However, she considerably emotional and morally courageous. You will be happy to know she tends to be practical and loyal to her close friends and can stick with them through thick and thin. She is very practical and very loyal to her close friends and would stick by them through thick and thin.

Basics traits of Taurus women

Physical Appearance

A Taurus woman is blessed with a fascinating and charming personality that will awe you and get you hooked to her. Thanks to her magnetic personality, you will always find her the center of attention in any party. A distinctive Taurus woman has round body figure and broad forehead and a thick neck.

Besides, her eyes are bright, gorgeous complexion, broad shoulders, dark hair, and toned well-developed muscles. She has a good appearance and has a friendly and a nice way of communicating. Besides, she pays attention to how she looks and by checking her hairstyles, clothes, and hairstyle. She is very conscious of how she looks in public.

Their Essential Nature

She has a calm and collected nature that is very attractive to all who are around her. Besides, she has an impressive ability to handle stress and life difficulties. She is strong willed and has more moral courage and emotionally robust and healthy. You can thus depend on her, and she is very faithful. Besides, she can handle serious problems with ease, and she is very patience helping her to handle nearly any kind of hardships.


The health of Taurus women is considered generally good. They are not sensible to pain, and when they fall sick, they often recover slowly. The slow recovery is often associated with poor cooperation with doctors, as they can be very stubborn.

However, they suffer from diseases of the lower abdomen such as throat infections, tonsillitis, and constipation among other minor illness. Besides, they often have sore eyes and pimples. For them to maintain good health, they are advised to consume cold things and increase their consumption of vegetables.


Jobs that best suit Taurus women would be jobs that involve lots of social interactions. On setback about Taurus, women are that they lack originality and are very poor at initiating things. However, they are good at following the ideas of others and have good organizational skills. As a result, they are a good fit for working in finance offices and politics. They are can also be good for artists, photographers, and gardeners.

Love and relationships

When a Taurus woman is in love, she can be very romantic, and she is capable of nurturing a strong emotional bond. They are known for their ability to be caring, romantic partners, and extremely jealous which can spoil their relationships. They can be perfect matches for Pisces, Libra, Capricorn, Virgo, and Cancer. Pisces and Cancer is their ultimate match. Taurus can be too emotionally needy for the flighty and frivolous Libra and the colder Virgo and Capricorn.


A Taurus woman is very choosy when settling for a marriage partner, and can take a long time before they zero in on the person of their choice. However, when she is married, she is committed, loving and the ideal wife any man will die to have. She is an excellent homemaker and an amazing cook.

Negative Traits

The majority of Taurus Women are possessive and very particular about most of their belongings and partners, which can lead to them being jealous with the potential of being possessive. They are lazy and prefer living a simple life. Besides, they can be very stubborn, and this can cost them golden opportunities due to their negative attitude. They also have a craving for food, and this can easily make them add weight. On top of this, the Taurus woman dislikes and is abrasive in the face of change, which can make it difficult to spend a lifetime with her. The Taurus woman’s dislike for change paired with her stubbornness and uncompromising nature means she need to be either balanced with an easy going and relaxed partner or she needs a strong and equally hard-headed partner, like another Taurus for instance to stand up to her.

However, in spite of the above, a Taurus woman is generally beautiful and loyal. She can make a good friend, caring mother, and r romantic partner. The most thrilling aspect is with her dynamic and pleasant existence, she can make anybody’s life bright and wonderful, they are good at adding value to other people’s life.

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