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Using Astrology to Find Best Career Opportunities

Astrology is nothing but knowledge of correct timing. If you are aware when the right time to grab an opportunity is, then you can maximise your efforts during that time to ensure your success. In order to make such predictions, astrologers use the birth chart to analyse specific areas which shows the signs of opportunity. The better the knowledge of correct timing, the higher are the chances of getting desired outcomes.

It is a human nature to be inquisitive and we all get fascinated by the thought of knowing our future, more than the present and what has happened in the past. It is not new for people consulting astrologers to know what is stored for them in future. From ages, humans have tried to get solutions for their problems, simple or complex by consulting the heavenly bodies. Now, with the advancement in science and technology, people can know about their potentials with the help of online astrology readings. However for some who are greedy to know the secrets of success and happiness, astrology is the best alternative method for them.

On days when you are not sure what needs to be done in future or you are betrayed by your loved ones and you have no one to go and discuss your problems. You don’t want to discuss your problems with your friends because you are not looking for emotional support but looking for solution of your problems. In such cases you want to go to a counsellor or a physic to tell your problems but to get hold of them in short notice is not easy. This is the time when online astrology readings come to your rescue. You instantly turn to your computers and start searching for sites where you can find answers to your problem.

How Astrology helps in choosing your career?

The science of reading planets and other celestial bodies runs on the simple theory of belief. One of the easiest ways to work with the science of reading the planets and other celestial bodies is by communicating in form of messages from universe. Astrology not only helps in achieving materialistic gains but also helps in achieving spiritual gain. Your potential can be discovered if the concerned planets are in a favourable position.

Hoping for a bright future is one of the crucial aspects of any person. Astrology not only helps in finding the best career option for you but it also emphasizes on discovering the best field of career for you and whether or not will the career option you are opting will be fruitful for your life. The planets position in your horoscope would tell you if you are suitable for a job or a being self employed. Other than the planet position, astrology also can guide you which time is more favourable to you start your job or business.

Examining a person’s birth chart for hints that help picking a fitting career is a critical part of the Astrologers research. The determination of a customer’s livelihood needs to consider about each part of the conception outline with a specific end goal to discover an occupation that both fulfils the desire for satisfying work and giving a vital source of salary. The whole outlook of this science is that, by spending your life in congruity with your doingsand at the same time intentionally actuating your abilities, you can broaden the intensity of success and accomplishments in your life.

Position & Transition of planets to determine career


The moment you have completed your college, you are instantly in chase of a suitable job matching your technical skills and education. Some are lucky to get the job they have dreamed all their life while some fail to get a suitable job even if you have high level of qualification. The major effect of this is because many parents force their children to do things that they feel would be good for them; however the irony of the situation is we often see an engineer or someone with good computer skills sitting in a government job since they are said to be secured. They might be earning good for their livelihood but this is not the career that matches either their talent or qualification. These people should not expect excellence in their profession.

The position and transition of planets and other celestial bodies plays a very important role in determining the correct career for a child. No one can guarantee you the success in the field you have mastered but it is definitely first step towards choosing the right career path. An astrologer analyses your birth chart to know where you are fitted the most. A birth chart contains twelve houses and each house has its own significance in career.

First and foremost house denotes that a person would be suitable for business.

Strong planets sitting in the second house indicate career in teaching, Finance or writing.

The position of planets in the third house indicates career in communication like marketing or advertising or travelling.

Fourth house in the horoscope is the house for land and vehicles. Someone with the planets sitting in this house, the best career options would be sale or purchase of land or vehicles or even agriculture.

Fifth house is for people who like to gamble or rather should say speculate too much. For such people careers like shares or even field of education could be a good career choice.

Strong planets sitting in the sixth house points towards career in police or loan recoveries. Basically this house is the house of litigation.

Seventh house is for people who are in business or partnerships in association with females.

Eighth house is for people who want to pursue their career in the field of research.

Ninth house position towards career in religion and tenth is the house of government and politics.

Planets positioned in eleventh house indicate income, which means one can expect free flow of money from different sources.

Twelfth house indicates career related to travelling in foreign countries.

At the end, if you are not sure which direction you should choose, then taking support from astrology would be a good choice.

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